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  • Ses Rotges homemade jams of fig, lemon, orange, strawberry, apricot or raspberry, sold at reception in two different jar’s size and also during breakfast. Because a postcard is always a good memory but homemade jams are the essence of Mallorca. Of your pleasant rest. Of Ses Rotges.

    220 gr Price: 5,50 €
    330 gr Price: 6,50 €

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  • Because there are things that do not fit in the suitcase when we prepare it for our holidays or we simply forget them at home. In Ses Rotges towels are put at your disposal and rent perfect towels for your beach days.


    Price: 22€

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  • You can request at the reception the typical wicker Majorcan baskets, an artisan piece made of palm, with two towels inside to enjoy your beach experience. Both the basket and towels, property of the hotel, must be returned at the end of your stay with us.

    Price: 28 €

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