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A sweet smile

@DolçSomriure was created a few months before the onset of the pandemic, following a trip made by William Tétard in November 2019 to see the work carried out by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the Indian city of Anantapur.

On his return, the manager of Ses Rotges decided to earmark a share of the hotel revenues to fund a number of projects the NGO is carrying out in the region.

Specifically, thanks to the contributions made by everyone to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Dolç Somriure, 11,043 births, 5980 severely malnourished people and 1339 neonatal ICU patients received proper care over the last year (from April 2021 and March 2022).

But we continue to grow and there is already a new project under way to help children in India to have a better life and a brighter future.

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Commercial premises and fairs

The artisanal products of Ses Rotges are one of the sources of revenue for Dolç Somriure. For this reason, the Ses Rotges products are also sold outside the hotel: at the Dolç Somriure stand in the Medieval Market of Capdepera and at the chocolate store La Pajarita, the oldest in Palma de Mallorca, where a share of the proceeds goes to fund some of the projects of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.